Frequently asked questions

When do you launch your collection?

We launch new pieces on our site every Friday, at 9PM. :)

The piece I like is out-of-stock, will you be restocking?

Each piece is unique. We may be able to find similar patterns, but there are no two pieces that are exactly the same. We are, however, committed to help you find something that catches your eye, so do feel free to reach out and we will help where possible.

Can I amend or cancel my order once it has been paid for?

We apologise that orders cannot be cancelled or amended once payment has been successfully made for the order and you have received an order confirmation email. This is to ensure that we can pack and send out our daily orders more efficiently.

How do I wash the mask?

Simply soak the mask in water for an hour during your first wash. It is normal to see some coloration when washing a traditional batik cloth for the first time as there may be some remnants of dye left in it. You may wash it (as per normal) in the subsequent washes.
Fret not, this will not affect the design.

Do you sell other Batik items (other than face masks)?

Yes, we do! However, we have not launched them online as we are still in the midst of preparation. If you're interested to find out more, do drop us a mail at lovebatik.tbr@gmail.com.

Is there a "correct-side-up" for the mask?

Nope, there is no "right" side up.
While we intended the side with the greater curvature to be hugging your chin, some of our regulars preferred that to be at the nose bridge. Both ways works, so it depends on your preference. Try them out, and share with us which fits you better! :)